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The bolded words are where his history picks up

A clean cut man made his way through the heavy doors of the tavern, standing out greatly from the rough crowd in its walls. He was tall, strong built, with auburn hair and bright green eyes. His ears held a slight pointed edge to them, and along with the light leather armor he wore, he would have stood out greatly amongst a crowd of beings such as yourself. No, the situation was quite the opposite, he was the most normal.

Around him demons brawled, some with bizarre, fantastic bright colored hair and eyes, others completely black and white from their skin to their eyes. They were either brawling and knocking over furniture or blissfully and drunkenly unaware of their surroundings and slurred out old bar tunes. The man's presence went unnoticed.

He made his way past the unsightly crowd to the back of the tavern -- where booths remained empty -- save for one monochromatic woman smoking idly; breathing out orange and blue smoke that wafted towards the ceiling, smogging up the already toned down yellow lights that hung above the seating. Farther back from her, the second-to-last booth on the left, was the other figure. He wore a completely black cloak with the hood pulled up and over his head to where only a person could catch a glimpse of his pale lips every once in a while as he talked. His back was leaned against the wall and the tips of his feet rested on the edge of the red cushioned seat. His unseen gaze was kept forward even as the newcomer sat on the opposite side of the booth. He leaned in and clasped his hands together, staring intently at the cloaked figure for him to speak first.

"So, you're the one who has requested my assistance, yes?" The hooded figure's voice flowed out low and smooth, sending a slight chill down the other's spine. "Y...Yes. I did." He began, trying to hold his voice firm. With a clearing of his throat he followed up with: "To confirm, my name is Daniel Ethrin. I'm indeed the one who asked you for information about your lord."

This pulled an odd chuckle from the man in black as he finally turned his head to face Daniel, the hood completely shutting out his face and leaving only a crooked smile to be seen. "You really mustn't be from around here. Everyone knows of our great leader. Or at least, the surface stories. Tell me, where do you hail from?"

"I'm not the one to be discussed, you'll have no information on me." Daniel held firm. "I'm here to learn everything there is to know about the one you call your savior, Skye. What I'm truly after is his past."

"Not his weaknesses?" The other inquired.
"I'm well versed in those already." Daniel responded.
"Well, If you insist. Settle down, please, as this is one hell of a tale to tell. Ah, waitress~"
"I'm off duty." The smoking woman snapped harshly, not turning to look at him as she took another puff.

"Well, whenever you've decided to earn your keep again, bring me and my friend what I usually order for such meetings." The woman simply rolled her eyes at his words and continued her bad habit as she watched another brawl in the rowdy part of the tavern break out.

"Well! To know of Skye, you must know of his family." The informer began. "His father was a Demon Lord, the leader of the first band of Monochromatics before the species population exploded. He was a well liked lord, well respected, well known. His mother was a prominent woman in the demon community of, well, the town that stood here before the Inner City was built. But we'll embellish on that later. Together they had five children. Seraph the oldest, then Keith, then Trenton, then Baron, then Skye. Skye and his brother baron were the only two to be born with the Monochromatic mutation -- His father was a pure blood and his mother held three fourths of the gene, or something of the like.

"Their family was very close. All of the children grew up with happy, content lives. Skye of all of them was the happiest, most enthusiastic, kindest child of them all." He paused at that point and gave a chortle. "I never cease to find that part amusing. So ironic~ Ahh, but anyways -- One day something terrible happened. His father vanished! Simply up and left his wife, children, followers -- everything. To this day, he's still considered missing in action to those who know of him.

"His mother was ever so sad, as you could imagine. Over time she just kept spiraling down and down until she hit rock bottom and went absolutely mad. She started to hear things, see visions, and began to recite strange stories to her children of the dark god Averus who was to be reborn. They would often cast her odd behavior to the side, excusing it on their father's absence, though they shouldn't have! Oh, but they didn't know how bad it would escalate...

"On a dreadful December morning, the brothers woke up to find themselves in a dark, small, confined room with metal walls and metals floors, no windows and only one door! They panicked at first before coming together to figure out how to escape or at least survive. But one held back. Skye stayed in the corner he woke up in, and mad, mad things began to run through his head. He didn't know it then, only time brought about the realization that an unknown voice had possessed him and caused him to do what he did next.

"The only other object in the room was a knife the others had somehow managed to overlook in the darkness. Skye picked it up and stared at it. The voice began to tell him how his brothers' plan actually involved killing poor Skye off first and that the only way to live was to kill them all himself."

The story teller paused as he watched the waitress throw the burned out smoke on the floor and grumble, get up, and get back to work. He turned back to Daniel who had leaned in even more with eager, his eyes wide. "And then?" He asked.

"And then? And then he went and did it, is what. He hacked them all up with an incredible power backing him up. It was all a blur and happened so fast. Blood was sprayed everywhere. It coated the walls, the floors, and when the little demon came to from his possessed state, he looked at what he had done and wept. His brothers held no chance."

Daniel leaned back from his chair and exhaled. "That's certainly something. Do you know the force that drove him to do it?"

"Unfortunately, that even escapes my infinite knowledge. But don't be disappointed! This story is far from over. You see, he was locked in that room for about a month. As you I'm sure know, the demon species can live off of much less than a human for a much longer time, but he was still forced to...well I'll be blunt, eat his brothers to stay alive. Most of them were hacked up too badly to gain any unspoiled bits from, but he did what he had to do.

"On December 21st, the door had opened again. It was his crazed mother with a sick grin upon he face. 'Oh, the youngest child is he! He the incarnation of Averus! Our lord be praised!' She sang with d illusion. Skye was much too weak to do anything but watch as she drew near. She bent down and covered her hands in the blood of a disfigured body -- you may or may not know either, but a demon's blood stays fresh much longer as well -- and began to draw a pentagram upon the wall.

"She picked up her child by the scruff of his sweater and held him firmly against the symbol and began to chant wildly. The blood began to glow bright red and lit up the room. Dark shadowy tendrils ripped open from Hell itself and grabbed the young boy in their grasp. His mother took a few steps back and watched with an empty grin. Slowly the shadows began to rip Skye's body apart, and instantly fill in the broken, shredded flesh with the shadow substance of its own making. The agonized screams of the son and the shrieking laughter of his mother blended together in a terrible melody.

"About 30 seconds later, or was it a minute? It could have been five days of torture to him-- regardless, the transformation was complete. The lovable child was reduced to a half solid, half liquid deformed tar demon upon the floor trying his hardest to remain a single, solid shape, but the inky liquid poured off of him onto the floor as fast as he could manifest it. He now was not alive, but he wasn't dead. He couldn't breathe or eat, but he didn't have to to live.  He was simply a set amount of this Other Worldian tar material, this complete personification of shadows, held together by a shattered conscience.

With one last smile upon her handiwork, the mother began to leave. Before she would shut the door for another month, she turned to face her son one last time, or what was left of him, and dared to utter the words "I only did this because I love you."

The cloaked figure dropped silent, as the rest of the bar seemed to as well. The waitress came back grudgingly with their drinks and set them down. "Thanks hon." The story teller smiled at her. She rolled her eyes and went back behind the counter to serve up the crowd that had begun to become rowdy again.

"So -- what happened after that next month?" Daniel pressed further.

"What happened? HA!" He picked up his glass and chugged it down, smacking the glass hard back down on the table. "She opened the door again and Skye, now mastered at holding his own form, picked up that rusted knife and stabbed the bitch in the heart, killing her instantly! he fled the house out into the cold winter night to fend for himself for the next eight years. But he didn't flee alone. His brother's souls had been trapped in the room since the day he murdered them, and during the transfiguration of Skye into his new body, the souls of his brothers inhabited his body and tortured him mentally, constantly, for that whole second month about how it was all his fault.

Skye, at this point, was a complete mental bust. He was mad, deranged, insane, and but a child, remember! He learned to tune out the voices after a while, but they always picked at his brain."

Daniel took a swig of his drink and choked down the bitter taste. "Waitress, fetch another for me and my friend!" The cloaked man called out, and the waitress retorted an ill-versed alcoholic jab at him.

"Well, those next eight years were spent with him mindlessly killing, robbing, torturing, and dissecting victims of all kinds, and developing his powers and seeing to the extent he could use them. Hmhmm~! I hope your taking notes kid. We've only dived about halfway into this terribly...fascinating tale."
part 2

hopefully tomorrow after school I'll post part 2.

hnnggg i like writing -u- but if you notice, my style is...weird. and probably fcked up with grammar.

btw. I had that picture for the longest time and never had a use for it LOL.
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Other than that, the story is very solid.
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Wow. This is really amazing. Your art is too, but this is really awesome.

Your style's not weird at all. In fact, I like it. A lot. A crapload better than anything I can do. Art and writing equally.
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